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SASF's Personal Development Strategy

SASF's Personal Development Strategy 2022-23

SASF is committed to the personal development, social development, education and care of all pupils across the school. Our aim for the PD curriculum is to reflect SASF’s visions and values. The core of this is to demonstrate and teach the skills, knowledge and understanding that pupils need to lead confident, healthy lives with an aim of becoming informed, active and responsible citizens. It is important that we at SASF develop our pupils’ resilience to ensure they maintain good mental health and provide support and guidance where needed to secure this.


Personal Development isn’t an ‘add-on’ or complimentary practice. It’s at the foundation of every successful school with an intelligent, responsible and focused policy centred on personal development and wellbeing; where happiness and welfare are prioritised.


Pastoral care is omnipresent, which touches every part of school life, has to be felt at all levels of curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment, school organisation, ethos, environment and partnerships. This document outlines the many aspects of the enriching curriculum we provide for our children.


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