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For more information on our curriculum, please click on the links below, or alternatively, please contact the school office and request to talk with one of our Assistant Headteachers for Teaching & Learning.

Curriculum Overview


We aim to provide a broad and balanced skills-based creative curriculum with cross-curricular links to core subjects. This is generally thematic-based. Our Core subjects of Reading, Writing and Mathematics follow proven programmes including Daily Supported Reading, Destination Reader and Mathematics Mastery.





Our English curriculum is split into the 2 areas of Reading and Writing and is supported with a rigorous scheme of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG).

Reading is taught daily using Daily Supported Reading and Phonics (Read Write Ink) in the Early Years and Key Stage 1 and Destination Reader in Key Stage 2.

Writing follows a "Text-Based Literacy" approach, with texts often matching those in the Reading curriculum and with lessons providing a structured support for longer writing activities on Thursdays with opportunities for up-levelling and re-drafting on Fridays.





Throughout school we have adopted the Mathematics Mastery approach to teaching & learning in Mathematics. Our Reception, Year 1 Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 children currently follow the Mathematics Mastery lessons, with Year 6 using techniques from the programme to support maths learning daily.



Project Based Learning (PBL)


Our approach to the afternoon curriculum is Project Based Learning (PBL).  It is a child-led process, which enables the development of in-depth subject knowledge, enhances children’s critical thinking and problem solving skill as well as addressing real world problems, with a strong focus on oracy.  Through re-drafting, improving and modifying, each project results in a final product for an authentic audience.






Computing (ICT)


Our Computing curriculum is provided through the "Switched On" programme. Children have access to our full ICT suite and iPads to enhance their online and electronic learning.

E-Safety forms a fundamental part of our curriculum as children learn how to be safe when online.





We follow the Charanga Music Scheme, to ensure high level music is taught across the school. 








Physical Education is taught by the class teacher, who is accompanied by a specialist coach to develop their, and the children's, practice . There is a focus on the 'physical element' of the 6 dimensions of health. 









Being a Church of England school religious education is a core subject and taught by a subject specialist. We teach about the major religions of the world and this is complemented by exploring the common values we share within major faiths.







Educational Trips and Visits

We believe school trips and educational visits should be viewed as powerful, positive teaching tools that help enhance the social, personal and emotional development of all learners and brings the curriculum and learning to life!

LATEST NEWS 27th Sep 2021: Living with COVID - Covid19 update - HANDS - good hand hygiene / FACE - wear a face covering / SPACE - keep a distance of 1m or more - REMINDER: Free Lateral Flow Testing for all families / National Vaccinations programme up and running. MORE INFORMATION - SEE NEWS & EVENTS


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  • KS1 - Deacon 95.7% KS2 - Twyford 98.8%

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  • KS1 - 96.4% KS2 - 96.9%

Overall School

  • 96.8%

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