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Coronavirus Covid-19 - Information

SASF Coronavirus (Covid-19) Contingency Plan 


Since February we have had a specific covid-19 contingency action plan in place, alongside our normal critical incident plan. We have received regular updates and guidance from Public Health England. We are also putting plans in place to ensure that we are as prepared as possible for a range of potential scenarios.

All attempts are being made to reduce the impact on the health and safety of our families and the continuity of education we provide. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How is SASF keeping my daughter or son safe?


-We are strictly following Public Health England guidance

-Increased and improved hygiene: Cleaning techniques and use of viricidal sanitisers / use of tissues Catch IT! Bin IT! Kill IT! / use of hand sanitisers / increased hand washing

-Cancelling & limited ban of educational trips and visits that use public transport and visit public places   

-Cancelling school gathering e.g. assemblies / parents evening  / etc until further notice

-Tracking of any children / families / staff that have symptoms related to covid-19, including those recently returning from overseas

-Closure of the school to all, but that of keyworkers. 



What do I do if my daughter or son is ill?


-If unclear what you child is suffering from please consult the below symptoms (Covid-19) 

-If your child is too unwell for school and you have checked the below information please contact the school office via phone 020 8459 1636 or email - leaving your child's name, class and illness/symptoms.  

-Coronavirus Symptoms: 

**Dry continuous cough (recent)

**High temperature 37.8C/100F or higher

**Shortness of breath 

Keep them at home and call NHS 111 for guidance. 



What do I do if my daughter or son is told by the NHS 111 to self isolate?


-Please contact the school office on 020 84591636 with the NAME, CLASS and information on the advice provided by NHS 111 



What will happen if the school (SASF) is forced to part or fully close?


-The current guidance is that schools should NOT close unless specifically told to do so by Public Health England.

Should we be instructed or forced to close, we will communicate directly with our families about what is happening and what your daughter or son needs to do.

We are developing a range of strategies for supporting our students' learning should the school be forced to close for any period of time. (please keep an eye on news and updates on our website and twitter feed- Below) 



How can I support my daughter or son?


-By providing reassurance, it appears that people under the age of 20yrs are not as significantly affected by the virus as older people.

-If your daughter or son has any concerns about their school work/education, please see the home learning prepared for each year group.

-Encourge everyone to properly and regularly follow handwashing and personal hygiene precautions

-Stay up to date:

**Offical information at Public Health England (Below)

**SASF website / twitter / school office

LATEST NEWS 31st May 2020: Covid19 update - Stay Alert / Follow the Rules / Conrol the Virus - Remotely Learning using PurpleMash or CGP books. Coronavirus (Covid-19) School is closed to all students except Critical Workers / Vulnerbale. MORE INFORMATION - SEE NEWS & EVENTS - Phase return of Year 6 from the 8th June 2020


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