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Project Based Learning (PBL)


The introduction of PBL has changed the school's ethos, teaching practices (pedagogy) and the way we inspire children to learn - developing our oracy and critical thinking skills. Through child-led, open-ended projects, we are: promoting development that is wider than just the curriculum; preparing children for the real world; ensuing deeper learning, without a ceiling and encouraging both staff and children to take risks, so that they can learn from their mistakes. We strongly believe that children gain so much from overcoming problems and learning how to persevere, when given the opportunity to embody our Christian Values.


PBL project combines two or more subjects, which are taught together, resulting in a final product for an authentic audience. This process allows children to develop an in-depth subject knowledge, which is critical to guide the child-led, learning process. Discretely taught oracy, in conjunction with re-drafting, improving and modifying of products, are the key skills required to produce a final product. Children progress is assessed using a multi-faceted process, which evaluates their subject knowledge, SASF life skills and the final product. Skill progression and curriculum coverage is carefully mapped to ensure a broad depth of learning.


It is this approach that enables a depth of learning, which allows pupils to develop their understanding of how they best learn, ensuring a holistic growth which is driven by the child’s passions and interests. We are empowering children to independently access information they require to solve a problem, which will provide them future confidence to know how they can gain vital information to solve real world problem.


We have been greatly inspired by School 21’s visionary approach to Project Based Learning and their work with Cambridge University on Oracy. We would like to thank them for their support and willingness to readily share resources.


LATEST NEWS 9th May 2022: Living with COVID - Covid19 update - All adults visiting school - face coverings optional: including in the building and playground/VACCINATE / HANDS - good hand hygiene - REMINDER: National Vaccinations programme and adult boosters for 12yrs and up. MORE INFORMATION - SEE NEWS & EVENTS


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