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Reception Admissions


Admissions –Reception

There are 60 Reception places at St. Andrew and St Francis CE Primary School. Each class is staffed with a Class Teacher and a Teaching Assistant.

Children admitted to the Reception, start school in the Autumn Term in a staggered intake system for a number week. During their first week, children stay for morning sessions only, and we ask that parents/carers stay with them to ease their settling in.

An induction meeting for entry into the Reception class is held each Summer Term of the year of admission in order that pupils and parents can meet the Reception Teachers and Teaching Assistants. At this meeting, details of the staggered entry system into the Reception year will be made available to parents


Reception Admissions In Year Admissions (To Start School Now 2015-2016)

Children born between 1 September 2010 and 31 August 2011 are due to start Reception class, the first year of primary school, in September 2015.


Reception Admissions 2016-17 (To Start School September 2016)

Children born between 1 September 2011 and 31 August 2012 are due to start Reception class, the first year of primary school, in September 2016.


Reception Admissions 2017-18 (To Start School September 2017)

Children born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013 are due to start Reception class, the first year of primary school, in September 2017.



This is the application process

Find a school -> Submit your application -> Accept your offer.

If you do not live in Brent and you want a place in a Brent school, you will need to apply to the council that you live in.

Key dates 

  • Applications open - 1 September 2015
  • Applications close - 15 January 2016
  • Offer day - 18 April 2016
  • Accept your offer - by 3 May 2016.
Weekly attendance for the last week (wk beg 9th Oct)... KS1: Villiers Class = 98%... KS2: Francis & Priory Classes = 99%... School total 97.9% this week! This week, we are over the target of 97.0% ... Remember Attendance and Punctuality are very important!!


Class of the Week

  • KS1 - Year 2 Villiers - 98% KS2 - Year 5 Francis & Y6 Priory - 99%

Current Totals

  • KS1 - 96.6% KS2 - 97.9%

Overall School

  • 97.4%

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