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Ofsted Reports

OFSTED Reports


St. Andrew & St. Francis CE Primary School joined the LDBS Local Academy Trust in June 2015 and as such became a "new school".


In October 2015, the Department for Education issued the following statement regarding the inspection of new schools:


"In previous years Ofsted has inspected new provision during the second year of opening, generally from the fifth term onwards. From this term all new provision, including those schools that opened from the 2013/14 academic year to date and which have not had their initial inspection, will be inspected during the third year of operation. This policy will apply to all new schools, including academy converters, and will also be applied to school amalgamations, mergers and where new key stages are added."

DfE - Statement on the timing of inspections of new schools - 2nd October 2015

SIAMS Inspections


As St Andrew & St Francis is a new school, we await our first SIAMS inspection as part of the LDBS Local Academy Trust.


The purpose and focus of a SIAMS inspection is:


"... to evaluate the distinctiveness and effectiveness of the school as a church school, and how well the distinctive Christian character and ethos of the school ensure the development and achievement of the whole child or young person.


This is evaluated through four core questions:

  • How well does the school, through its distinctive Christian character, meet the needs of all learners?

  • What is the impact of collective worship on the school community?

  • How effective is the Religious Education? (in VA schools and academies)

  • How effective are the leadership and management of the school as a church school?


Church schools will employ a variety of strategies and styles appropriate to, and reflective of, their particular context in order to be distinctively and effectively Christian in their character and ethos.  SIAMS inspectors therefore do not look for a set template of what a church school should be like, but rather take the particular context of the school into account and base their evaluation on the outcomes rather than the process."

Weekly attendance for the last week (wk beg 9th Oct)... KS1: Villiers Class = 98%... KS2: Francis & Priory Classes = 99%... School total 97.9% this week! This week, we are over the target of 97.0% ... Remember Attendance and Punctuality are very important!!


Class of the Week

  • KS1 - Year 2 Villiers - 98% KS2 - Year 5 Francis & Y6 Priory - 99%

Current Totals

  • KS1 - 96.6% KS2 - 97.9%

Overall School

  • 97.4%

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